Sunday, April 16, 2017

Orc Raider Public version 0.2

Hello all!

I'm finally back at developing "Orc Raider"

I'm sorry it took me so much time to post a new version, but some stuff happened that delayed my production, but I'm back and working hard on this.
Changelog for v0.2:
-Reworked NSFW content
-added 3 h scenes animations
-Reworked sex sounds
-overall UI improvement
-Added option to return from raids, so you don't have to wait to die if you want to return from the raid
Next version will feature at least:
-one more town to raid (orcs)
-one new girl (orc)
-2 nsfw animations
-reworked beat em up
I'm already working on the orc female and she's looking hot. I've uploaded an image of her to my patreon.

So, so far this game has:
- 2 battle levels. 
- 2 women to fuck with.
- 4 nsfw animations.
- 2 upgrade buildings
- 4 possible upgrades

If you want to help speed up the process and get new versions earlier you can support me on patreon:

Thanks all for playing. Your support helps a great deal. I would really appreciate your feedback so you can help me make this game better for all of you.