Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Orc Raider Public 0.3.1/Patreon 0.4 build is out!

Last Patreon $5+ Poll closed with just one vote for futanari, so I've honored that and I've added a new gurl for the game.

She is Lady Tilus, and her M2F transformation has to do with the game's story.
You can choose to transform her either into a girl or a futa, that is up to you.

I will post a new poll soon.

The game is becoming larger, so I've added a save option, however, this will remain for patreons only.

Changelog for v0.4
-Added a new girl (Lady Tilus)
-Added one M2F transformation sequence
-Added 3 NSFW animations with futa on/off option
-Added dialogs for all sex scenes
-Improved victory and defeat screens
-Corrected some stuff with the texts specifying the upgrades amount. (my bad there)
-Added 2 cheats for patreons $2+

I'll keep on working on the game hoping  to bring more content soon.

You can get the patreon Build here:

You can also try the public version using the link on the top right corner of this blog.

Thanks and have fun!

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