Monday, June 5, 2017

Big combat update coming for v0.6

After working on this game for a few months I became mostly focused on adding content by adding more stages and H scenes. However, after receiving some feedback and doing some testing I decided to focus entirely on combat for this update.

Expect changes on controls and skills in order to make the combat more fluid.

Things coming:
-Renewed animations for the main character
-Renewed animations for the enemies
-Attack Combos after 3 consecutive uninterrupted hits
-Tornado skill, Right mouse will do the tornado attack instead of defending. This attack will be able to move quickly in a direction hitting everything in the way.
-All enemies at once and different ones in each stage. You won't be fighting a few spawning enemies of the same type. They'll be all in stage at the same time.

Hoping to release this version soon. Probably next weekend.
(Teaser GIF of the work in progress:

Thanks and have fun!

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