Thursday, June 15, 2017

Orc Raider Version 0.6 is out for patreons

Hello all!
I'm Blazing and I'm developing Orc Raider. A nsfw game under constant development where you play as a half orc raider in a revenge path.
If you've heard about this game and were considering supporting me on patreon this is the version to do so. If you are already supporting me, you rock and you're making this game a reality.

Changelog for v0.6:
-New title screen
-Fixed hitboxes for combat
-5 new battle backgrounds
-new battle animations for main character and for 7 enemies
-Archers! they are a complete game changer
-Ability to combo after 3 uninterrupted attacks
-Special attack ability, because defending is for the weak!
-Fixed HP upgrade bug
-Redid the first girl animation adding a new BJ, fuck and cum animation
-Several minor fixes
You can get v0.6 for patreons here for just $1:
or you can get the public version by clicking the link on the top right corner.
If you play the public version please keep in mind that the combat portion of the game has been upgraded considerably.
Anyways, thanks for checking this out, I'll keep updating the game according to my patreon poll results and my own whim.
Thanks and have fun!

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