Saturday, June 10, 2017

What's coming for V0.6's big update

Hello all!
As I've mentioned before update for v0.6 will be mostly about combat.
So far I've added:
-Better hitboxes for attacks
-Ability to combo (3 successful non interrupted attack and you'll make a stronger attack)
-Ability to super attack with right mouse. This will make you invulnerable and allow you dash in the direction you are facing. Good for attack and getting away of crowded areas
-Archers! yes, the game now has archer AI, and it's fucking annoying in game.
-New animations for main character
-New animations for first 2 enemies and more to come
-Easy to expand enemies and enemy AI, the way I made the enemies makes it pretty easy for me to create new enemies.

So, when is this update coming?
As soon as I finish doing all the enemies animations (all of them up to the catfolk enemies) and integrate them into the new battle scenes.
I estimate late next week or maybe the other one. So expect the update around june 15th.
I hope you all like where the game is going and please let me know if you have any suggestions.
I dunno how to post GIFs here, so you can check my public post about this on my patreon page:

Thanks and have fun!

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