Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hello all!
Blazing here with a new update for Orc Raider. 
For those new to the game “Orc Raider” is a game set in a medieval fantasy world where you play as Turuk, a half-orc on a quest to become the biggest orc chieftain the world has seen.
The mechanics are simple but fun, raid different villages for resources in a beat em up arcade style, upgrade your character, and enjoy a new different servant after beating every level.
This one took a while to come out since I was redoing all the NSFW animations, yes, ALL the animations and also updating the UI.
You can find some screenshots here:
The game now features:
- 8 different servants for your harem.
- 16 nsfw animation loops with their respective 8 cumshot still images.
- 8 battle levels
- 14 different enemies of 3 classes (melee fighters, archers, and wizards)
- Humans, elves, catfolk, angels, demons, orcs, futa. (all avoidable if you want to.)
You’ll notice that instead of calling this version 0.9 I decided to go with 9th update. That’s because if I kept that way the next one should be the 1.0 and that gives the impression of being the final version and this game still has a long way to go and a lot of room for new additions.
The next version will be focused on improving the combat further and adding better audio for the nsfw scenes and the game in general.
I’ve added two limited high tiers on my patreon page: the angel and the sorcerer, those tiers get you all the previous rewards plus the ability to design your own content to be added to the game. Those are limited since I wouldn’t be able to handle more than a few requests a month.
Why Pledge?
-If you like games that offer both sexy content and fun game mechanics.
-If you value ongoing projects. Been working on this for over 8 months and not planning to stop.
-If you like games that offer fantasy races.
The suggested pledge is $5 since it would get you access to the game, the latest minor updates as they come out, access to polls, cheats and all that. But you can access the game for as low as just $1.
You can get the latest patreon build here for just $1:
Or you can find a demo here:
Hope you all like this one, there is huge amount of work behind it.
Thanks and have fun!

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