Thursday, August 10, 2017

Orc Raider minor update v0.8.5 available (NSFW 18+)

Hello all!
I have released a new minor update for $5+ backers.
-updated hscenes backgrounds
-redid the character art for the first 4 girls trying to unify the art style
-redid all the hscene animations for those 4 girls
-Changed cumshots to still images and added cumshots for all those 4 girls
-removed the hscenes sound for now. (I'm changing how hscenes work and it would be pointless to fix the sound to change it again in a few days)
-minor bug fixes
Stuff to come:
- Redoing all the animations for the remaining girls.
- Adding the new Demon level
- Redoing the way hscenes work so they are dialogue based and not clicked based.
- Overall story upgrade
- Other cool stuff I may think of.
When is v0.9 coming?
Hopefully and most likely within the next 2 weeks.
How to get this minor update?

Thanks and have fun! Blazing

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